During NHSG Science Week, the Year 5 parents joined their daughters for a lesson. A team challenge was set: build a bridge to span 40 centimetres and hold 200 grams. The only materials available were paper, tape and paper clips.

The teams started with a brainstorming session to develop a bridge design and a plan of action. Previously, the girls had looked at famous bridges around the world – including our own special Millennium Bridge – and found out about the different types of bridges. Furthermore, they looked to see where supports and shapes are used to make bridges strong and learnt that a triangle is a strong and stable shape.
With thoughts cemented, the teams enthusiastically started to build. To add another level of challenge, the girls had to keep a record of their building materials as each thing they used had a cost. When the building time was up, the team had to know how much their bridge had cost to build.

The most exciting part of the lesson was the bridge testing finale when each team presented their prototype to see if it met the design criteria. Would one of the paper bridges hold the heavy 200 grams? Yes! After many tense moments, when the weights were carefully places on the models, a winner was found.

As Isabella Overbeck-Zubrzycka said, “It was a really fun activity because the adults were working with us.” Thank you to all the parents who came in to support the activity.

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