A blustery December morning saw Year 6 invite mums and dads to follow them back in time to the Stone Age in a Neolithic encampment.

The morning was a culmination of a term’s hard work exploring Stone Age life in Britain through a series of exciting and imaginative activities which spanned the curriculum.

Taking inspiration from our class reading book, Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver, the children worked in clans to create spaces and learn the skills to survive and thrive in the Stone Age. Each week they braved the increasing cold to learn how to whittle tools and build fires and make temporary and permanent shelters. Two afternoons were spent in workshops with a storyteller so they could immerse themselves in clan life with tales drawn from the natural world. In Art lessons, they felted wool and designed carrying pouches for berries and dried food. Least popular was exploring all the raw materials – including bone, horn and cat gut!

During the project Year 6 worked with younger children from our neighbours, St Catherine’s RC Primary School and they were excited to share the project
with parents too. Donning their Neolithic outfits made of hessian and decorated with shells and feathers, girls offered specially made bread and a guided tour of the site including: the drying racks where the hunters dried deer hide and fish, the clan dens which had been prepared for winter, the barrow with decorations revering ancestors and the grove.

Year 6 have embraced all aspects of this History project, which we are sure they will remember for years to come!

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