Our vision is to be champions of excellence in all-girl education, empowering girls to be leaders, trailblazers and world shapers.


Newcastle High School for Girls is committed to offering an outstanding all-girl education from age 3 to 18, that promotes happiness and well-being, allowing every girl to flourish academically. Creating an environment where girls learn without limits supported by the opportunities arising from being part of the GDST family.

This is strongly underpinned by our Values:


In all endeavours, both academic and wider aspects of life and experience. Being the best we can be.


Doing what is right, caring for others and ourselves. Collaborating and being good citizens, friends, mentors and leaders.

Individuality and Family

Respecting every girl for herself, and supporting her to grow in confidence as her own person, within a strong and friendly community.


Embracing the future with excitement. Nurturing the courage to question, challenge and explore.


Reaching out to play an active role in our local community and beyond. Recognising that bringing out the best in each other brings out the best in ourselves.


As part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, we’re here to help every girl fulfil her potential and her dreams, and to empower and enable the next generations of women, to equip them with the ability to lead and make a difference in the world

  • Girls first
  • GDST Family
  • Fearless
  • Forward-thinking