The Newcastle High School for Girls Values

Our values reflect the values of the Girls’ Day School Trust. These are:

Girls first
Put the girls’ interests, happiness and wellbeing first at all times
Encourage each girl to be the best she can be and reach her potential

Work together productively in School, within our family of schools and in the community
Share inspiration among ourselves and with others

Take risks, push hard and overcome setbacks
Do things in a new way
Have a go
Have fun

Always do the right thing.
Be open, honest and accountable.

Our Aims

We aim to:

  • Create a creative and intellectually challenging environment where girls thrive; they feel safe to take risks and believe there is nothing they cannot achieve through hard work and self-belief.
  • Provide an all-round education where girls have a broad range of opportunities to grow as individuals, discover and develop new interests and talents and acquire the skills necessary to become leaders and contribute positively to the world in which they will live.
  • Produce confident, respectful, courageous and caring individuals with strong core values, an awareness of their social responsibilities and the ability to establish lasting friendships
  • Create an education fit for the 21st Century with a curriculum and facilities to meet the needs of education into the future.
  • Develop independent, resilient and determined young women who are capable of meeting the challenges of the future.

Our Mission

Newcastle High School for Girls will promote its values and meet its aims by supporting the girls to:

  • Develop their intellectual curiosity
  • Become skilled and independent learners
  • Achieve their full potential
  • Learn to respect themselves and other members of the School and wider community
  • Grow in the qualities of tolerance and compassion
  • Experience friendship, and understanding in a caring and encouraging atmosphere
  • Learn the values of commitment, determination, courage and self-reliance
  • Above all, be filled with zest, enthusiasm and the joy of life
  • Be equipped for their future careers, family lives, leisure and public service
  • Be able to identify and pursue future goals for their own development throughout their lives.