Newcastle High School for Girls is proud to be part of the Girls’ Day School Trust.  No other school in the North East can boast the enormous benefits of being part of such a unique and forward thinking organisation.

What is the GDST?

It’s the UK’s leading network of independent girls’ schools. We educate approximately 8% of all girls at UK independent schools.
There are about 20,000 pupils in the 23 GDST schools and two academies throughout England and Wales. All but two of the schools educate girls all the way through, from the age of three or four to 18.

Who are we?

We are a modern, vibrant organisation, with a passion not just for educating girls – and we do this enormously well, as you’ll see elsewhere on this site – but for equipping them for life. We want them to do well, to be happy, and to leave us with confidence and composure, ready for anything the world puts their way.

Why are we the GDST?

In other words, why are we girls-only? Because experience has taught us girls not only work better, but develop more readily, and have more confidence to stretch themselves, in a mutually supportive environment.

How does the GDST work?

Each of our schools and academies is different but, like a family, each shares some of its DNA with the others. Running through them all is the belief that each girl is unique, and that each of them needs to be encouraged and channelled in her own way.

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The Girls’ Day School Trust
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