After months of after-school and weekend rehearsals, West Side Story finally opened at Northern Stage on 19th January to a mesmerised audience. With 91 girls and numerous staff involved in bringing the show together, School had been buzzing with excitement since the beginning of term as opening night drew nearer. We were not disappointed!

Rosie Davenport and Skye Costelloe’s convincing performances – their last at NHSG – as the tragically ill-fated couple Tony and Maria captivated the audience to the very last emotionally-charged second. Audience members were propelled from being awed by a packed stage of activity in the gang scenes, to laughing out loud at the Officer Krupke sketch and touched by Ahilya Murkunde’s memorable and emotive portrayal of Anita.

The entire production was a masterpiece of Drama, Dance and Music collaboration and it was wonderful to see Year 7s participate as enthusiastically as veteran performers in Year 13.

Click on the gallery images below to view photos from the performance.

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