Since Easter, 30 girls in Years 5 and 6 took part in weekly rehearsals with a guest teacher from Dance City, Helen Kumar. The routine was a six minute dance choreographed by Company Chameleon as part of the Join the Momentum programme.

danceDuring May half term, the girls went to Kingston Park Stadium to rehearse alongside hundreds of other children from different schools. After hours of rehearsal in the wind, rain and sunshine, our dancers were ready for their big moment!

On Saturday 30th May, the girls danced on the pitch at St James Park as part of The Rugby League Magic Weekend in front of a crowd of 48,000 rugby fans!

The whole process, from rehearsing the piece to the final performance, was an amazing experience for all our dancers and we hope they enjoyed every minute of it. The organisers commented on how impressed they were by our girls’ professionalism and focus. Congratulations to everyone who performed!


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