Fresh from hard sales at the NHSG Christmas Fair, our intrepid Year 6 entrepreneurs headed for the Grainger Market in central Newcastle this week. Armed with boxes of revised products and adapted sales pitches, each team was ready for the challenge of explaining their products and how they have worked in teams to research and develop their ideas. There was a particular challenge to overcome on the day as visiting Grainger Market were a group of adults who were learning English. The girls quickly had to adapt their language to suit an unanticipated audience!

The project has stretched each girl as they practise their negotiation and project management skills. The many ‘bumps in the road’ along the way have allowed girls to put their ideas of resilience and tenacity into a real life context. They have also found why valuing each team member is so important: for each girl who may excel at rapid calculation and handling money, the team member who can anticipate the impact of a delivery delay and offer a workable solution is just as vital! Equally, girls who can support their team to develop the most persuasive sales pitch are grateful to the colleague whose design skills mean their team can order cheaper packaging, but make it look as good as a high street brand.

Every girl felt she had learnt effectively throughout the project this year, many seeing the skills they had ranked as some of their weakest, flourishing.

Once the initial loan is paid back to Virgin Bank, the team with the largest profit will be declared the winner. The profits are split into thirds: one third is a donation to a charity of Year 6’s choice, one third is used to improve resources for younger girls in Junior School (previous Year 6 classes have funded guided reading books and cookery equipment) and the final third is used as a Year group treat during our residential trip to Edinburgh in May.

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